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Emma Marcegaglia has been the Chairwoman of the Italian oil and gas firm ENI since 2014. She is also the Chairwoman and CEO of Marcegaglia Holding SpA, and the Vice Chairwoman and CEO of the group's subsidiaries. She has held these roles in her family's steel manufacturing group since 1996. 

While she had turned down all previous offers of political roles in ordrer to concentrate on her business interests, as President of Confindustria (the Italian business association) she was part of a significant employment law reform during the Monti Government. She was the first female President of Confindustria (2008-2012) and President of the confederation of European business associations (BusinessEurope) from 2013 to 2018. Given her family's historic steel business, and her pre-eminence as a businesswoman in Italy, it is perhaps unsurprising that she is sometimes referred to as the "Steel Lady".