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The post-covid era: towards a business reset

Sous la direction de François de Montaudouin

Date de parution : 7 janvier 2021

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Today’s professional environment is dramatically different from that which existed just twenty years ago.
The digital revolution is in full swing, and working practices are undergoing some of the biggest changes in history.
In addition to this background of change, COVID 19 has had an unprecedented impact on every aspect of modern professional life. This background of change, combined with an additional sudden shock is generating novel challenges, which present difficult questions.
What organisational structure is best placed to handle crises such as this? What are the ingredients of successful remote work? What is the best way to manage a team remotely? How should leaders communicate in a crisis? Beyond these critical issues—and perhaps even more importantly—leaders also need to prepare for the future. How do they ensure the success of an organisation in an uncertain future? How are they going to secure the talent they need? To address these questions, this collection brings together contributors from a rich variety of backgrounds, drawing on many combined decades of leadership experience. In addition to sharing answers to many contemporary questions and their personal experience of the recent crisis, they outline their vision of the future of the world of work.

Sous la direction de François de Montaudouin

François De Montaudouin dirige deux entreprises et évolue dans le secteur d'activité de conseil pour les affaires et autres conseils de gestion. Il est président de l'entreprise Mansartis gestion.
Format : Broché
Pages : 124
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ISBN : 9782375096406

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