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We all have values that drive our choices and shape our

behaviour, our work, and even our vision of the future.

What sort of world do we want to see in 2050? Will we be

able to avoid catastrophic climate change? Our values

determine the way in which we will try to meet the

challenges of the future, and dictate whether or not we

will succeed.

France Digitale, representing the best of the French tech

sector, has gathered together a number of contributions

in order to provide a challenging look on values in tech.

United Tech of Europe is a collective effffort to answer

some of tech and indeed humanity’s biggest questions.

The contributors are all business leaders, start-up

founders, venture capitalists, or tech superstars. Between

them, they have founded companies worth billions of

euros, and have invested billions more. It would not be

an exaggeration to say that they have helped change the

face of the global economy.

All of them share a particular characteristic: they are

value-driven, and committtted to the future of the tech

ecosystem and our planet. Their views could not be more

timely for those looking to challenge their thinking, fifind

new perspectives, and build a prosperous and safe future

on the solid foundation of strong values.