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After the industrial Revolution and the digital Révoltuion, will the new revolution of the post-industrial era be that of personnal services ?
Powerful social and cultural trends are driving this new global paradigm including an ageing population, increasing urbanisation, broken families and the priority today attached to health and well-being wihich are fall factors set to bring about an explosion in the deman for personnal services in both industrialiser and emerging counries : the Care Revolution is underway !

The « Care revolution » is more than just a revolution in personnal services, as it also embodies qualitative changes in the demand from consulers ti be personnally taken car of in solving their problems, wether day-to-day situations or the pore dramatic.

The Care revolution is also a social and ethical challenge as the health and « treatment » of the elderly from the very nucleus of this revolution. Life Management Programs » are designed tuo supprot us throughout our lives tu guarantee our physical and psychological health and well-being. The challenge of dependcy is aslo a major factor : we need to devote ever more financial and human resources to caring for an expanding dependent opulation, in wich the use of new technologies will need to be extended to all.

To support this global revolution, many key economic players have made their contribution, althougn the prevailing economic model still remains ti be defined. One thing is certain though : the various participatnts in the « insuristance » sector (a comination of traditional insruance and modern forms of personnal assistance services) will certainly be at the very forefront of events.